Network Security Engineer/SOC Engineer [Work from Home]

Network Security Engineer/SOC Engineer [Work from Home]

Network Security Engineer

SOC Engineer

Network Concepts

OSI Model


network protocols

standards for common enterprise applications

S2S VPN tunnels

dynamic routing protocols

policy based routing

and NAT policy

This position is for a Network Security Engineer/SOC Engineer

The routine responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to monitoring and responding on any security alert and potential security incident, implementing firewall rule requests, configuring protected networks on firewalls, deploying new firewalls, replacing failed firewall hardware, and patching and upgrading firewall firmware.
Desired experience and qualities include hands on experience in responding to security alert and potential security incident and managing enterprise class network firewalls including Palo Alto, Fortinet and/or Juniper Netscreen models. In-depth experience with configuring S2S VPN tunnels, dynamic routing protocols, policy based routing, and NAT policy on network firewalls. Knowledge of TCP/IP, OSI and network concepts. Advanced experience troubleshooting network connectivity issues through a firewall and other network security equipment. 

Key Skills/Qualifications
- Monitor and respond on any security alert and potential security incident
- Take reactive and proactive actions against cyber-threats and incidents
- Handle SIEM alerts and document actions and response as well as track remediation actions. 
- Firewall administration - administering network firewalls: In-depth experience with design, installation, administration, and maintenance of traditional and next generation network firewalls (Palo Alto, Fortinet, and/or Juniper is preferred) is the primary requirement for this position.
- Knowledge of Network Concepts: Understanding of the OSI Model, TCP/IP, network protocols and standards for common enterprise applications is needed.
- Great written and verbal communication skills Additional Experiences and qualities desired include:
- Ability to perform during high pressure or stressful situations.
- Excellent verbal, written communication and interpersonal understanding.
- Ability to understand customer's business needs.
- Self-starter with ability to work independently and with teams/groups.
- Demonstrated organization and planning skills that include time management, project coordination and management, and the ability to handle multiple deadlines and associated pressures.
- Competent in developing effective solutions to business problems and ability to analyze problems and to make decisions. 
Location: India, Work from Home
Compensation: Best in the industry


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    Full Time
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    Information Technology (IT) / Software Development
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    India, Work from Home
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    Not Disclosed
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