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In today’s competitive environment where geographical barriers are fast losing relevance and skilled workforce has become a global commodity, there is a greater need for international partnerships to provide a single source to clients for all their staffing needs.

With India emerging as a major hub of IT professionals and the Americas, Europe, Africa and Middle East as major demand centers for these people, there is a huge demand for Indian professionals in these markets.

itForte's leadership position in Indian market as a strategic source for specialist IT resources, and the expertise and knowledge of the local recruitment agencies present in these markets, can be combined to create a single platform for all recruitment needs of the clients for IT resources.

To take advantage of this synergy we are looking for business partnership, on mutually beneficial basis, with other reputed recruitment agencies in each region, who share a common vision and values, so as to service the clients more effectively.

If you would be interested in partnering with itForte, contact us at info(at) 
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