Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Saudi Arabia

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Saudi Arabia

Team Leadeship

IIT Strategic Planning

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Program Management

Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning

Information Security Planning

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Our client is a global engineering, procurement and construction firm specializing in the mining, power generation, petrochemical, processing, infrastructure and commercial industries. 

The company plans to recruit a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for their Saudi subsidiary who will oversee company’s technology infrastructure and information systems.

Key Responsibilities:
The recruited candidate will be responsible for the following: 
- Manage technical teams consisting of existing IT infrastructure, Applications and the new software development.
- Develop IT policies and procedures and prepare Technology master plan
- IT strategic Planning, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and overall Program Management  
- Develop short- and long-term technology objectives in line with the long term strategic objectives of the company
- Continuity/Disaster Recovery planning to support critical functionality during crisis.
- Establish a user service and support process, with particular responsibility for web-based services that implement the support function.
- Review and critically evaluate technology needs and project feasibility based on management’s requirements, priorities and cost constraints.
- Identify important technology trends and industry best practices and formulate a strategy to effectively leverage them
- Communicate company’s technology strategy to the company management, staff, partners and stakeholders
- Define the company’s software development and implementation methodologies
- Establish a robust conformance and testing strategy for the development/delivery team 
- Formulate an enterprise-wide information security plan that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company’s data and servers
- Select and manage relationships with external vendors / agencies for hardware, software applications, outsourced development, data center, etc. to ensure the best service delivery and cost
- Participate in the overall strategic planning process as a member of the senior management team. 

Key Requirements
- A Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science or related technical discipline
- 20+ yrs experience in technology with at least 5 yrs in a similar role with a reputed company 
- Should have strong leadership experience and solid communication skills.
- Must have a solid software development and management background and is abreast with the latest technology advancements and best practices
- Exceptionally good team leader/player with very effective communication skills
- Demonstrated ability to envision large transactional platforms and business
- Expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and experience building and scaling Enterprise business on SaaS models
- Good understanding of Open Source technologies such as LAMP and Java
- Familiarity with latest development tools, platforms and development and implementation methodologies
- Experience with Cloud Computing
- Understanding of information security standards, system vulnerabilities and risk management practices
- Exposure to business process reengineering, governance, management, budgeting, and administrative processes and best practices
- Experience dealing with external vendors / agencies for outsourced development 

Location: Dammam, SaudiArabia

Contract Type: Long term, Permanent


  • Job type

    Full Time
  • Industry

    Construction and Real Estate
  • Location

    Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • Pay

    Not Disclosed
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  • Position Closed
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