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Data Scientist for Gurgaon
Job ID IT JOBS#258
Location: Gurgaon, India
Required Skills:
Our client is seeking a creative Data Scientist to explore unstructured data from diverse sources in order to extract insights that enable us to create new investment strategies. The candidate should demonstrate a wealth of experience in building models that required advanced machine learning and statistical analysis.

In this position, you will be a cornerstone member collaborating closely with our researchers and engineers to test research hypotheses and build forecasting models. You will play a key role in the global race for financial firms to adopt data-driven investment strategies and your research will have the potential to shape the nascent field of quantitative finance.
The company is looking for a deeply curious candidate who is expert at extracting signal out of flawed data to make valid inferences. You are fascinated and energized by cutting-edge, data-driven techniques increasingly utilized in the financial world. Excited to leverage your data science skills, you can imagine yourself thriving in the fast pace, highly experimental of a start-up.

What you’ll do
- Modelling research hypotheses and assumptions of financial experts by pulling all the necessary data from disparate sources and designing and validating models that transform that data into actionable insights
- Developing and testing the most predictive and robust statistical, machine learning, and deep learning methods to forecast factors, features, metrics, drivers, etc. 
- Tackle the challenges of featurizing and modelling large and unstructured data using machine learning and statistical techniques
- Manage all aspects of the research and execution process including methodology selection, data collection and quality, modelling and analysis, and performance monitoring
- Iterating quickly to test the additive impact of new data and research findings on alpha generation
-       Deliver research findings to investment teams, portfolio managers, and partners

What’s required:

- Advanced degree in computer science, machine learning, applied mathematics, or another technical discipline
- Experience in text mining/NLP in a relevant field researching real-world data problems (though not necessarily in finance)
- 3+ years of experience in data analysis and utilizing statistical modeling techniques (e.g. machine learning, deep learning, or signal processing)
- Ability to extract data from varied stores (t-sql, hadoop) and write code for models that can stand up to large datasets (python, spark) 
- Creative thinker excited by the prospect of ideating and evaluating experiments
- Background in time series analysis and interest in time series-related machine learning research
- Excited by a high learning curve in the field of financial technology
- Excellent written and oral communicator of data-driven findings

Company’s culture:
The company is driven by the mission of shaping the future of investment management. They have an international and multicultural team of creative and open-minded problem solvers.

Combining the best talents from physics, computer science, mathematics, social sciences and finance, the company all together are striving for constant innovation.
For your valuable work, the company offers:
- Highly dynamic, innovative, passionate and entrepreneurial team
- Open and inclusive company culture
- Autonomous and self-managed agile teams 

About the company:
The company, backed by leading industry giants, is a developing next generation technology to revolutionize how investment decisions are made. The company offers differentiated, amplified and future-oriented investment intelligence mined from alternative data. Extracting early signals from the vast amount of data, empowering investment professionals with unique investible insight and hence better returns. From hedge fund to asset manager, they help our clients to enhance their investment models and derive information edge from a variety of data sources. 

Location: Gurgaon, India

Job Type: Permanent and Full-Tim